Semalt: 8 Black Hat SEO Tactics That Can Ruin Your Business

Every time you engage an SEO company on a new project you need to be on the lookout for their ethical practices especially relating to black hat tactics. Black hat SEO practice only brings about low value to your SEO campaigns in the long run.

Igor Gamanenko, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, explains in this article 8 common black tactics that clients should always stay away from:

1. Article Spinning

Involves use of software to derive a number of variations of an original article. This is made possible by switching words with their synonyms throughout the article. The software guarantees a ton of articles which may seem efficient on first look. However, these articles are largely incoherent and of low value. They often lead to hefty penalties on search engines. Article spinning will get your website banned for good not to mention an unfavorable search engine ranking.

2. Playing Down Website Audits

A website audit essentially checks for the overall health of your website while also flagging down weaknesses that may result in a low search engine ranking. A website will always have inconsistencies especially after redesigning. Playing down the importance of a website audit results in hefty losses in the long run as its weak points cannot be diagnosed without an audit.

3. Directory Submission

Directory submission must always take place in a controlled environment. The 'more is better' principle must be thrown out of the window to avoid low-value spam directory submissions that are guaranteed to hurt your website rankings.

4. The Google Won't Catch It Mentality

Sometimes SEO companies underestimate the power of reach search engines such as Google have. The tech giant has plenty of engineers and systems to flag all black hat SEO tactics, and the price website owners pay once detected are costly. A website can be de-indexed or devalued instantly.

5. It's All About Ranking First

SEO marketers are too obsessed with rankings. While these rankings are a vital SEO component, the end goal should always remain the conversion of web traffic into sales. SEO is an investment, and it must bring returns to the business, therefore, marketers should prioritize keyword value.

6. Guaranteed Rankings

Many companies have fallen victim to this. There's the allure of getting SEO campaign services and paying once the desired outcome is achieved. Nevertheless, on may fall victim to low-value keywords that do not bring the target market to your website. Such companies also spam your website for quick rankings.

7. Buying Cheap Articles

It's not necessary to buy cheap and likely low-value articles online while you can write better quality articles yourself. Remember content is king, and you need to build up your brand with accurate and quality content. Write the content yourself or hire a professional who can produce quality content.

8. Doorway Pages

Doorway pages allow websites to optimize each webpage with a specific phrase of the keyword. These doorways direct users to the main domain website and have a frustrating effect on website users. More so, they're low-quality articles, and Google finds doorway pages manipulative at the least. Too much use of this tactic leads to lower rankings and even penalties.